US and India to expand their research collaboration and exchanges

US and India to expand their research collaboration and exchanges

Leading US university leaders have suggested that the US and India should establish new joint research institutes.

A total of nine recommendations were taken into consideration from the Task Force of the Association of American Universities.

According to the Task Force, leading research universities in the two nations are “deeply committed to strengthening meaningful, high-impact, and co-designed research partnerships.” The government should expand internship and apprenticeship opportunities for Indian and US students and researchers.

This report was revealed in the week following the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the US. Discussions between the leaders of the countries are focused on enhancing educational strategies. Additionally, the study encourages the State Department to “double down” on its commitment to granting one million visas to Indian people by the year 2023 and to begin a month-long race of visa processing right now.

In 2021, the US Department of State and Education announced a statement on international education. There is a requirement for more work to be done, as the report says.

The 15 embassies in India and the United States should “build the front doors” for each other’s nations. For universities to create non-profit academic centers or satellite campuses in a country, dedicated liaison offices should help them through the “myriad legal hurdles” involved, as well as offer help with the economic and regulatory environment of the host nation, the statement stated.

In May 2022, the presidents of the two nations announced a US-India effort on Critical and Emerging Technology, which they said would “elevate and expand” their cooperation in strategic technology. Later in 2023, the AAU plans to provide an in-depth investigation with feasible recommendations.

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