A study permit is no longer a requirement to study in Canada

A study permit is no longer a requirement to study in Canada

Canada has announced a new measure to help international workers improve their skills. The period of opportunity for international workers to advance their education and skills begins immediately.

The new 3-year policy will allow foreign workers to study full- or part-time without limits while their work permits are valid or until the policy ends. The international workers will also have the opportunity to expand their job prospects. This will increase their chances of transforming into permanent residents.

This rule is applicable to individuals who have a valid work permit or whose decision on a work permit is still pending until June 7, 2023. A study permit is required if a foreign worker plans to continue their education after the end of work permit’s validity period.

Before this step, international workers had the option to study while working for a shorter time frame, i.e., for 6 months at max. For programmes longer programmes, an individual needs to apply for a separate study permit. Any Canadian job experience gained while studying full-time doesn’t count for the Canadian Experience Class. Even, students are unable to earn Comprehensive Ranking System points for it through Express Entry.

This temporary public policy will increase the chances of international candidates receiving an invitation for permanent residency. Moreover, studies will be beneficial for candidates to increase their CRS score by improving their French or English language proficiency.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser added, “Temporary foreign workers are incredibly important for the Canadian economy. And many have aspirations that go far beyond the work that initially brings them to Canada.” He further stated that by lifting barriers, the country is opening doors for doctors and nurses to practise in Canada.

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