Experts and students have opposite views on the IELTS changes in Canada

Experts and students have opposite views on the IELTS changes in Canada

As per the recent announcements, Indian students applying through the Student Direct Stream (SDS) are now required to fulfil the minimum score of 6.0 bands.

“This change could help students who have appropriate skills and qualifications but may not have been able to meet the previous language proficiency norms get into university,” says Gaurav Batra, founder and CEO of Infinite Group.

Indian students who are currently enrolled in Canada are of the view that this change will likely have a negative impact. According to the students, the batch of students who will be coming to Canada will impact the quality of the student community. “Since India is the largest source of students for Canada, removing this bar means that students from all backgrounds and abilities may come, potentially affecting other students’ job prospects and reducing accommodation options, said Priyahans Gaur, a student of International Business Management.

Even a few students hold the view that since English Proficiency is no longer a cause to worry, the negative impact can be seen in the confidence level of Indian students. With this change, there is a possibility that the number of students applying to study in Canada may increase.

Recently, it has been revealed that Indian students who are in Canada are already facing a shortage of part-time jobs, making it difficult for them to sustain themselves in the country. Moreover, students have stressed the issue of the scarcity of jobs and the simultaneous increase in housing and food costs.

“Canada is not only renowned for its world-class and multicultural education system with high academic standards but also for its pluralistic and inclusive society and hence will remain a favourite for Indian students in time to come,” says Arun Rajamani, Managing Director, Cambridge University Press and Assessment.

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