As Asian markets tighten, international schools explore Saudi Arabia

As Asian markets tighten, international schools explore Saudi Arabia

Experts have suggested that Saudi Arabia is the “land of opportunity” for K–12 schools with international growth plans, noting the Kingdom’s intentions to attract more international private operators.

The international school market has undergone a transformation as a result of the pandemic. The markets in Southeast Asia are becoming more difficult to operate in, and even teacher recruitment is challenging.

Unlike other countries, the opportunity for international schools in Saudi Arabia is great. As per the reports, there is an estimate of 1 million local students going to private sector schools, and in total, 1,000 schools are required. It is anticipated that a lot of Saudis have the funds to afford private education, even though demand for English-medium schools is high.

The Saudi Arabian government is ready to attract private international institutions. Education is one of the key components of the government’s Vision 2030 to broaden the economy and reduce its dependence on energy.

However, on the way to opening a school in Saudi Arabia, there can be some challenges. Multiple schools need to make changes in their practises and curriculum to make them more suitable for their target audience. While the discussion was carried forward, Ross Barfoot at law firm Clyde & Co. said that Egypt could be the next China. Since China has become difficult to deal with after the pandemic,

India was another fascinating nation that was in the spotlight. The director of education at Wellington College International, Fiona Carter, shared her experience opening a school with a local collaborator. She stated that there are some regulatory hurdles, such as the requirement that institutions be non-profit and the tax implications for foreign teachers.

A country like Saudi Arabia may be an attractive destination for teachers who wish to go overseas. However, comparatively, salaries are much higher and the cost of living is low.

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