New Australian Student Visa Rules for Indians begin July 1, 2023

New Australian Student Visa Rules for Indians begin July 1, 2023

As a result of the bilateral deal between India and Australia, Indian university students in Australia can seek unsponsored work for up to eight years starting July 1, 2023. Every beneficiary of a student visa in Australia will continue to work 48 hours per week or per fortnight. This ensures that Indian students can focus on their studies and develop useful abilities.

There are 3,000 job roles available for the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early Professionals Scheme (MATES). Indian graduates and early-career professionals can stay and work in Australia using MATES. This visa is open to Indian professionals who are working in seven different industries, including financial technology, information and communication technology, mining, engineering, and artificial intelligence.

Australia modified its immigration policy in April 2023 to quicken the arrival of highly qualified individuals and facilitate the process of obtaining permanent resident status. The administration committed to simplifying and streamlining the highly skilled expert visa application process, as well as taking steps to keep international students.

By the end of 2023, temporary skilled holders of visas will have been refused the prospect of seeking an Australian PR visa. However, ONeil added that the nation’s influx is not going to be affected by permanent migrants.

Australia increased its annual intake of temporary or permanent migrants by 35,000 for the fiscal year beginning in September 2022, bringing the overall number to 195,000. The following was done in an attempt to assist organisations suffering severe labour shortages: Additionally, the Australian government is committing to increase staff and finances in order to speed up the visa application process.

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