South Korea

New Measures Allow International Students in Korea to Work More hours:

In an effort to improve the study and employment experiences of international students, the South Korean government has announced new measures allowing foreign students to work longer hours. The initiative seeks to provide students with greater financial flexibility to cover their education and living expenses while also promoting a more inclusive environment.

Under the new regulations, international students will be permitted to work up to 35 hours per week during regular semesters instead of 20 hours per week previously.

It is expected that the decision to increase work hours for international students will reduce their financial burdens and provide them with more opportunities to acquire practical experience, improve their ability to speak the language, and immerse themselves in the local culture. The move is additionally seen as a means of attracting and retaining top international talent, thereby enhancing South Korea’s reputation as a preferred study abroad destination.

The South Korean government has also taken steps to facilitate the visa application process for international students. These measures seek to simplify administrative processes, shorten processing times, and facilitate easier integration for new students.

However, critics are concerned about a chance effect on local employment opportunities and the possibility of international students being exploited. The government has to closely track the execution of these measures and ensure that sufficient safeguards are in place for both international students and the local labour force.

South Korea can ensure a viable, mutually beneficial environment for both international students and the local community by establishing rigorous controls and maintaining transparent channels with partners.

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