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Excel Career College partnered with Infinite University Centre to set up its regional office in New Delhi

Excel Career College, Canada, joins hands with Infinite University Centre (IUC) to set up its regional office in New Delhi, India. The objective behind this is to spread their footprints in South Asia, Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.  

IUC is a pioneering platform whose mission is to assist educational institutions worldwide in attaining success and enabling long-term expansion in South Asia, Africa, and UAE. The purpose of the IUC is to assist academic institutions in maximizing their potential and expanding their horizons within the dynamic educational markets of these regions.

“In the last 16 years, We have worked with more than 350 Universities globally, which has helped us understand how a university can expand and grow in the defined regions while meeting its goals. With our expertise, we are keen to extend our support to the universities in establishing their presence in South Asia, the UAE, and Africa, thereby introducing educational opportunities to more aspiring students in these regions,” said Gaurav Batra, CEO, Infinite Group.

The partnership between Infinite University Centre and Excel Career College represents a commitment to promoting academic development and excellence in South Asia, Africa, and UAE. Moreover, this alliance is intended to promote the exchange of knowledge, skills, and best practices between the two institutions, thereby contributing to the improvement of the educational environment in the partnered region.

Excel Career College presently has three campuses: Victoria, Kelowna, and Surrey, in addition to their Comox Valley (Courtney) headquarters. The primary objective of the college is to provide students with relevant training, which becomes a transitional tool that aids them in entering new professions. To become an official recruitment partner with Excel Career College, you can reach out at partners@excelcareercollege.com.

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