International students in the UK prefer private rentals

International students in the UK prefer private rentals:

A major trend among foreign students in the UK was recently uncovered in a report by student housing company Cubo. A study titled “Accommodation Preferences of International Students: A Comprehensive Study,” shares, international students are twice as likely to prioritise independent living as they were earlier.

An in-depth survey includes 43,000 students, (15,180 international students) at the universities in the UK. This report provides insight into this population’s changing preferences and expectations. The results show that there is a major shift away from community housing. Students prefer individual forms of housing rather than community housing options like dorms and shared apartments.

According to the report, students from India and China fare better in communities than students from Nigeria, Ireland, and the UK. There were around 2,333 Indian students in the survey. As per Indian students, the size of the kitchen, bedroom, and availability of facilities matters the most. However, as per the 937 students from Nigeria who were surveyed, money was the most important consideration.

There is a corresponding shift in response from educational institutions and the providers of student housing. There is a rising need for compact, private, and convenient housing options, including studios and one-bedroom flats. In order to meet the needs of international students, universities and housing providers are putting more effort into designing flexible facilities. According to the survey, 51% of the international students prefer living on their own, while 25% of the students from the UK feel the same. Students from China prefer booking an accommodation through an agent. On the other hand, Indian and Nigerian students book through the university website.

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