Australia Extends Visa

Australia extends visas for international students

The Australian government has extended the visas of thousands of international students as a significant step to support its international education sector. This extension focusing on strengthening ties with international students. This decision is part of the nation’s ongoing efforts to recover and revive its higher education sector, which has been severely impacted by COVID-19.

As per a local media report, the Australian government has so far handled 66,000 special visa cases. This number is more than the number of visas processed during the travel restriction. The extension of their stay in Australia allows students and workers to continue their employment and education in Australia.

This rule is applicable to international students who were asked to head towards their home if they could not support themselves amid a crisis. It was also an effort to prevent the spread of viruses in the country. However, the entry of some international students were available only in December 2021.

The full reopening is effective in February 2021, allowing only visa holders with double vaccinations to enter the country. In 2022, there were 619,371 international students studying in Australia, with 361,247 enrolled in higher education alone. China and India are the leading countries of international students in Australia in 2022, with 156,217 and 100,307 students, respectively.

According to reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 43,000 international students entered the country in May, representing an increase of 19,200.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs will work closely with educational institutions to guarantee an effortless transition for eligible students in order to facilitate the process. On the official government website, eligibility requirements and application procedures for the visa extension is available.

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