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Around 10,000 Indian students are pursuing higher education in China:

Muraleedharan, the minister in the Ministry of External Affairs, informed Rajya Sabha that 10,000 Indian students are pursuing higher education in China. However, there is no information available about Indian students in China since they haven’t registered with the Indian Mission. He further say that there is a constant effort to let students register on Indian missions.

Muraleedharan responded to Tiruchi Siva’s question about Indian students records abroad. According to the minister, 14,000 students have already returned to India from China during COVID-19.

Siva has other questions too, relating to the betterment of Indian students studying in foreign countries. Muraleedharan asserted that NMC permit students in their final year, who had to leave their foreign medical institute. These students get a certificate of completion of course by the respective institute by June 30 to appear in FMGE.

Foreign medical graduates who pass the FMGE examination need to complete a two-year Compulsory Rotating Medical Internship (CRMI). This internship will make up for the clinical training they missed during their undergraduate medicine programme at an overseas institution. Moreover, it will familiarise them with the practise of medicine under Indian conditions. However, among other crises, there are reports of problems with the abroad admissions process, rising living expenses, and the creation of admission letters. More than 500 students, including Native Americans, are in limbo after Northern College in Ontario revoke their admission letters.

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