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India dominates German universities with the most international students

Indian students constitute the largest group of international students in German universities during the academic year 2022–23. As per the reports from the Federal Statistical Office, the number of Indian students has reached 42,997, which shows a remarkable increase of 26 percent compared to the previous academic year.

The majority of students coming to Germany from India are pursuing the following degrees:

  • Engineering: 60 percent
  • Law, Management, and Social Studies: 22 percent
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences: 14 percent
  • Other: 4 percent

As per the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Indian students in Germany are on a continuous rise. Even the number of Indian students has doubled in recent years. The German Ambassador, Philip Ackerman, reacts to the fact that the growth of Indian students in Germany is steady and has already increased beyond expectations.

Ackerman took to Twitter to confirm that over 42,000 Indian students are already enrolled in Germany. As the number of Indian students enrolled in German universities keeps growing, it highlights the significance of international education collaborations and the requirement for countries to foster a welcoming and supportive environment for international students.

The Academic Evaluation Centre (APS), a service provider under the German Embassy in India, has previously implemented changes for students intending to move to Germany on a student visa in response to the increasing number of Indian students choosing Germany as their study destination. According to the centre, the students will receive digital certificates at their email address in a secured PDF format.

Germany is counted among the top five countries with the highest number of international students studying. As per the data, over 440,000 international students choose Germany as their study abroad destination.

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