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The United Kingdom will need over 11 million graduates by 2035:

By the end of 2035, UK businesses will require 11 million new graduates to fill the vacant positions. This report was brought forward by Universities UK, a representative body for higher education in the UK.

According to the reports, “Jobs for the Future” depicts that 88 percent of jobs in the UK will require degrees. The graduates from STEM, education, health, and business sectors would be needed to fill up the position. Even the reports point out that the education and business sectors are among the fastest-growing occupations.

As per the information, there will be a requirement of 1.9 million STEM professionals coming from engineering and computing backgrounds. In addition to that, more than 1.2 million health and social care associate professionals are required.

Within the next two decades, there is going to be an increase of 10 percent in jobs due to the development of artificial intelligence. The data says that there will be more than four million roles in the digital field by 2027.

Universities UK’s Chief Executive Vivienne Stern, commenting on the importance of university graduates for the success of the economy, stated that the majority of workers in the United Kingdom are under-qualified for their jobs and that universities are attempting to provide employers with the resources necessary to meet the demand for graduates. Moreover, doctors and nurses are also going to be in great demand by 2035. However, there is a need for over 1 million health professionals this year. The UK will need more than 1.2 million business service associate professionals by the end of 2035. A degree in the United Kingdom is not only necessary for the country’s economy but also assists graduates in finding employment.

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