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The US deports 21 Indian students over visa discrepancies:

The United States deported 21 Indian students in a single day, pointing to visa discrepancies as the reason. The students, who had travelled to the United States with aspirations of pursuing higher education, were reportedly detained and then deported to India. Most of the students deported were from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The incident has generated widespread concern among Indian students and their families, as well as among other international students. These incidents took place in airports across the United States, including Atlanta, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Students disclosed that their phone and WhatsApp conversations were examined when they were deported without a clear reason. In addition, students were instructed calmly to leave the country or face severe legal consequences. The universities to which these students were heading were Missouri and South Dakota.

According to the strict rules of the US, students were banned from entering the country for a period of five years. According to reports, US authorities have not specified the exact cause of the alleged discrepancies, leaving many to question the transparency and fairness of the deportation procedure.

This entire incident of deportation underscores the complexities revolving around international students heading to the United States to fulfil their dreams of studying abroad. As the students faced deportation and the consequences of it, questions about clarity and fairness in the application process were reported.

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