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Young Arabs in the Levant and North Africa plan to emigrate:

Over half of Arab youth in North Africa and the Levant wish to emigrate. As per the studies, the median age of Arab youth in the Middle East and North Africa is 22. Moreover, the youth make up around 28% of the entire population.

According to the 2023 Arab Youth Survey, young people in the age group of 18–24 in North Africa and the Levant wish to leave the country. On the other hand, 27% of their peers in Gulf Cooperation Council countries, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia, do not want to emigrate long-term.

Due to economic decline and political instability in the Levant (Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and others) and North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria), there is a divide between these two countries. The young people across these regions are hard hit by the recession and global inflation.

As per the 2022 report from the International Labour Organization, Arab states faced a growing unemployment rate. Almost half of the Arab youth who wish to leave their country revealed that their primary reason to emigrate is to find a job. However, another 12% of the youth want to pursue higher education.

Young people show little confidence that anything will happen in the country due to the economic downturn and political instability. Though the factor that becomes the reason for youth to leave the country can be a hurdle in their way of studying abroad,

Since youth suffered financially and are looking for a post-study work route. Many young Arabs consider emigration the only way to build a better life for the future.

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