Canada housing shortage

Due to housing shortages, Canada may limit international students:

The increasing number of international students in Canada leads to more pressure on the housing market. However, the government came up with a solution to impose a limit on the number of students coming to the country.

Sean Fraser, the new housing minister of Canada, who previously served as an immigration minister, told me that putting a cap on students is a must. Though there has been no decision on the matter yet. As per the reports, 27% of the respondents listed Canada as their first choice to study, closely followed by Australia.

As per the data from the Canadian government, there were more than 800,000 international students at Canadian universities in 2022. Moreover, last year, most of the new permits in Canada were issued to students moving to Ontario, followed by 19 percent of students in British Columbia.

Overall, international students contribute over $22 billion to the country’s economy every year. This amount is more than what auto parts, lumber, or aircraft exports contribute. During a cabinet retreat on Prince Edward Island on August 21–23, Fraser mentioned that the country has hit a housing crisis. Specifically, families living with severe housing conditions are hard hit by the housing shortages. Critics of the government have recalled statements made by the Canadian prime minister earlier this year, in which he stated that housing is not the government’s primary responsibility but that it will keep trying to take measures in this regard.

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