Canada expects 900k international students, but the minister warns system integrity is at risk:

The Immigration Minister of Canada has announced plans to welcome 900,000 international students to the country. This goal aligned with the position of the United States as the world’s leading study destination. However, the minister has also raised concerns about the potential negative consequences and risks to the educational system’s integrity associated with such rapid growth in the international student population.

In the 2021–22 academic year, the United States hosted approximately 940,000 international students. In comparison, Canada is striving to bridge a gap of 100,000 students to reach its target of 900k. It had 800,000 international students enrolled in the country last year. Furthermore, this surge in the international student body has led to housing challenges, prompting the government to implement a cap on the number of students admitted.

Marc Miller, Canada’s Immigration Minister, emphasized that the existing international students in the country have access to suitable housing, suggesting that the housing issue should not be overstated. Moreover, he addressed concerns about the integrity of the education system. He acknowledged the presence of fraudulent entities that manipulate students’ aspirations for a quality education, ultimately failing to deliver on their promises. Efforts are being made to identify and curb these fraudulent actors and private institutions that engage in deceitful practices. In this context, Canada is poised to introduce a fresh international education strategy in April 2024. This strategy will involve comprehensive consultations with stakeholders and a continual review process to ensure that the integrity of the education system is maintained.

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