France scholarships

France provides Indian students with scholarships worth over Rs.15 crore:

The “Global University Employability Ranking” by Times Higher Education places France second. According to the recent pact signed between India and France, a greater number of Indian students will be in France. Even if the scenario after COVID-19 is considered, the number of international students in France has increased by approximately 25%.

There are multiple reasons why Indian students choose France as their study destination. From lower tuition fees to social security, rental assistance, public transportation, and much more, studying in France offers many benefits. Moreover, France offers scholarships worth over INR 15 crore, especially to Indian students. Under this scholarship, multiple disciplines are covered, which allows students to pursue their desired course without any financial constraints.

95 percent of Indian students studying in France opt for one of the 1600+ English language courses taught in France. The nation thinks that when an Indian student studies in France for just one semester, a special bond develops. Therefore, Indian students with a Master’s degree or higher and at least one semester of study in France are eligible for a five-year Schengen visa for short-term stays. This is a special provision that enables Indian alumni to maintain close ties with France and their French counterparts.

Even the latest trends reveal that around 75% of Indian students choose study management and business in France, while other programmes are also gaining popularity. According to Indian MEA data, approximately 19,000 non-resident Indians are registered in metropolitan France, to which are added nearly 90,000 persons of Indian origin, for a total of 1,09,000 Indians.

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