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Negative headlines are the cause of concern for Canada:

Education professionals in Canada are concerned about the negative impact of recent headlines and announcements on the country’s reputation. The latest announcements from the new Housing Minister, Sean Fraser, regarding caps on international student numbers have raised concerns. Additionally, the Immigration Minister has pointed out that the integrity of the immigration system is at risk due to some unscrupulous agents within it.

However, Immigration Minister Marc Miller recently clarified that international students are not the primary cause of the housing crisis in the country. Furthermore, some cities, like Quebec, are offering government programmes that provide subsidised housing options. Another solution being explored is making more rooms available within neighbourhood.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has highlighted that the housing crisis has multiple contributing factors, and even the Immigration Minister has indicated that a few private colleges might pose risks to the system. Nevertheless, there were indications that the government is unlikely to impose a cap on the number of international students.

Stakeholders argue that these negative reports are overshadowing the advantages of studying in Canada for international students. Canada is renowned for its strong emphasis on co-op programmes, particularly at the university level. Experts note that international students in Canada contribute to the pool of skilled global talent. Moreover, it shows a strong interest in fields like engineering, with more than 2.5 times as many students studying math and computer science. Finally, the Immigration Minister suggests that Canada has room for improvement in recognising and appreciating the contributions of international students to the country’s social, economic, and scientific spheres.

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