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Australia will expand educational ties with Southeast Asia as part of a new regional plan:

As per the new plans launched by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the ASEAN Indo-Pacific Forum in Indonesia, Australia will deepen connections with its northern neighbours. Further, he revealed the strategy Australia will opt for to strengthen the ties since Southeast Asian economies are currently experiencing strong economic growth. However, the strategy even warns that overall Australian investment has been underweighted by foreign investment.

The Australian government is looking to change its strategy, which will ultimately be the most significant shift. Recently, Australian officials spoke about the need to become less reliant on China, one of Australia’s major trading partners. This decision came after analysing the situation of geopolitical tension and the economic downturn in China.

According to the recommendations in the strategy, the increased investment is going to be in promoting Australia’s education system. Not only this, but the focus will also be on the increasing cooperation between education providers to enhance qualification recognition.

The reports claim that Australia’s education system is a national asset and beneficial to engagement with Southeast Asia.More than half a million Southeast Asian students have studied in Australia for the past 20 years.

There is a strong and increasing demand for education in these countries due to the growing middle class and a large youth population, as per Nicholas Moore.

In addition, the government will encourage universities and vocational education providers to incorporate work-integrated educational experiences into their course offerings for Southeast Asian students, as well as coordinate a national programme to involve alumni and connect them to companies in both Australia and Southeast Asia. Moore further advised the government to come up with an educational strategy that strengthens Southeast Asian literacy among government, business, and the education system.

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