Taiwan spends $162 million to attract and retain international students:

Taiwan’s government is planning to have 320,000 international students by the end of 2030. Moreover, the government is ensuring that at least 210,000 graduates stay in the country after graduation. A total of US$ 162 million was invested in the implementation of the plan for the next five years.

On Thursday morning, the cabinet minister of Taiwan approved the plan for the establishment of up to ten overseas offices and introduced new programmes. Through this investment, the government aims to increase the number of students. However, as per the Ministry of Education. they wish to attract students from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and other countries.

The head of MOE’s Department of Technological and Vocational Education, says programmes will align to fulfil the needs of Taiwanese businesses. The programmes are going to be in STEM fields and finance.

International students will be eligible to enrol in two-year degrees. During this period, the Cabinet’s National Development Fund will allocate scholarships to the students and allowances to cover their living expenses.

Yu-Hui even says that students will be can stay in Taiwan after graduation, access the labour market, and work for two years. Moreover, Taiwan’s government will address the demand for labour shortages. Additionally, the ministry says that it will work towards streamlining the residence permit processes for international students. This is to guarantee that they will readily receive citizenship and permanent residency in Taiwan.

The high quality of education in Taiwan makes it a popular study abroad destination for international students. According to the survey of 2022–23 by Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education in Taiwan, 42.7% of international students prefer studying in Taiwan.

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