At Austrian universities, female students outnumber male students:

Women at Austrian universities and colleges have exceeded the number of men. Women account for 56 percent of all university students, according to Austria’s Federal Statistical Office. In the winter intake of 2022–23, 393,234 students were enrolled in higher education at Austrian universities. However, out of 393,234 students, 219,754 were female students and 173,840 were men.

The statistics show that there were 46,000 more students compared to men. As per the reports, the number of women at universities has increased in winter intake, while the number of men has slightly dropped. When the data is revealed, it shows a drop of 0.2 percent for male students and an increase of 0.9 percent for female students.

Women exceeded the number of male students at the university, except in theological colleges. Moreover, the number of students enrolled in applied science courses has also dropped. However, there are certain courses in which massive gender differences are visible, since 72 percent of women are enrolled in the education sector. Not only this, 67 percent of women are in health and welfare, 64 percent in arts and humanities, and 65 percent in social sciences, journalism, and information.

Women’s participation in the disciplines of communication technologies, engineering, manufacturing, and construction remains low. In the past, only 22 percent of women were enrolled in information and communication technologies and 32 percent in engineering, manufacturing, and construction. However, there has been a notable increase in these numbers in recent years.

International students are attracted to Austria due to its renowned affordable and student-friendly education system. The University of Vienna is the greatest academic institution in the country, with approximately 90,000 students, one-third of whom are international students from 140 different countries.

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