The priorities of future election manifestos, as per the UK’s international educators

Recently, the tourism and heritage spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, Baroness Doocey, revealed that now is the time for the sector to lobby the UK’s political parties. Since the current parliament will come to an end on December 17, 2024, it is likely that the election will take place in January 2025. However, there is only speculation on the matter, but political parties in the UK are all set with their manifestos and plans.

According to UUKi Director Jamie Arrowsmith, there are three priorities that are to be kept in mind. He put it this way: the UK’s international reputation is based on our domestic capacity and performance. Moreover, there is a need for stability in the policy environment for international students. He further states that the Graduate Route must be maintained and stay committed to sustainable student recruitment.

Even post-study working opportunities must be ensured by the Boarding School’s Association. In a statement, he revealed that students will successfully access international borders to continue towards UK universities.

Further, for the English language sector, the country’s national association called for three priorities. The first is work opportunities for ELT students studying under the student visa route, and the second is permitting EU junior groups to enter the UK using ID cards instead of passports. In addition, youth capability involves EU countries and globally, according to Huan Japes of the UK.

As per UUKi’s Director, the UK’s International Education Strategy has proved to be helpful and, on the other hand, led to growth. UKCISA chief executive Anne-Marie Graham says that she would love to see manifestos that are committed to celebrating higher education and diversity.

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