International Visa Scams

To prevent international visa scams, Australia will introduce strict rules:

The government of Australia has announced measures to curb int’l student visa scams.. Education Minister Jason Clare, Skills Minister Brendan O’Connor, and Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil expressed their commitment to addressing the issue. After a comprehensive government review revealed widespread abuse within the system.

To tackle this problem, the government plans to amend the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000. These amendments will establish rigorous testing procedures and simplify the standards and registration process for education providers. Additionally, the government will impose restrictions on cross-ownership between education providers and agents. Notably, private colleges will be prohibited from paying commissions to education agents who entice international students to enrol in competing institutions. This crackdown aims to prevent students from being unduly influenced away from reputable universities towards courses with lower tuition fees.

In an effort to prevent the misuse of student visas for work purposes, the government will closely monitor the attendance of international students. The number of student visa holders in Australia reached a record high of 660,765 by the end of June, marking a significant increase of 203,000 since January 2023, as reported by the Australian Financial Review.

Furthermore, the government is streamlining the visa process for skilled professionals, intending to make it quicker and more accessible. Moreover, his initiative aims to encourage international students to stay in the country after completing their studies.

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