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India Canada student enrollment recovers as the conflict settles:

Diplomatic tensions between India and Canada have recently eased, notably with a recovery in the number of Indian students choosing Canada as their study destination. The initial tensions stemmed from a remark made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggesting possible Indian involvement in the killing of Sikh Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

In response, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi vehemently denied the allegation, labelling it ‘absurd.’ Behind closed doors, the foreign ministers of both nations have been working to resolve the issue, aiming for a resolution by early October.

Notably, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak engaged in talks with Trudeau regarding the ongoing dispute. During the conversation, Sunak reiterated the UK‘s stance on the importance of respecting sovereignty and adhering to the principles outlined in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Although India has yet to resume issuing visas to Canadian students, there has been a continuous influx of applications from Indian students aspiring to study in Canada. Despite the temporary suspension of visa services, which poses short-term challenges, the enduring history and robust relationship between the two nations are expected to strengthen in the long run.

Reports indicate that the number of Indian students applying to study in Canada has started to recover as the incident gradually subsides, underscoring the resilience of the educational ties between the two countries.

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