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An Update to Canada’s Student Visa Policies: Opportunity for Indian Students

Canada has earned its reputation as a highly popular study abroad destination. Moreover, as per the Times Higher Education and QS, universities in Canada consistently rank higher. The exceptional quality of education offered by Canadian universities has long attracted students from around the world. However, recent diplomatic tensions between nations have cast a shadow of concern over prospective students aspiring to study in Canada.

Canada has implemented several changes to its visa and immigration policies, with a particular focus on enhancing the application process for international students. Notably, study permits are now being processed within a standard duration of 60 days, reflecting the Canadian government’s commitment to streamlining the visa process and providing a more efficient experience for applicants.

A significant milestone in this effort was the introduction of the Student Direct Stream (SDS) programme in 2018. This initiative has simplified the study permit application process for students from select countries, including India, the Philippines, China, and Vietnam. Under SDS, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria, encompassing language proficiency and financial requirements. This programme has not only expedited the application process but has also created a more accessible pathway for students from these nations to pursue their academic dreams in Canada.

However, amidst these positive strides, there have been temporary suspensions of visas from certain countries, including India. While this development has understandably caused concerns among prospective students, it is crucial to maintain a positive perspective. Delays in the upcoming intake are expected, but these interruptions are expected to be short-lived, ensuring that the opportunities for international students to study in Canada will resume promptly.

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