Jaishankar explains the reasons why India stopped issuing Canadian visas:

In September, India suspended visa services for Canadian nationals due to rising tensions between the two countries. The Indian External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar, emphasised the strained relations between India and Canada, citing a challenging phase in their diplomatic ties. The decision to halt visa issuance was made to safeguard Indian diplomats stationed in Canada, as it was deemed unsafe for them to carry out their duties.

Jaishankar expressed hope for an improvement in the situation, emphasising the importance of growing confidence in diplomats to perform their basic duties, as outlined in the Vienna Convention. The action prioritises the safety and security of diplomats. India plans to resume visa services once its diplomats in Canada feel secure.

In response to the situation, India called on Canada to withdraw 41 of its diplomats within a specified deadline. Failure to comply would result in the loss of diplomatic immunity for these individuals. India’s perception of unwarranted interference in its internal affairs by Canadian personnel served as the impetus for this action.

Additionally, the Canadian Prime Minister’s accusations against India’s stringent actions were labelled as false and a violation of the Geneva Convention by the government. The ongoing diplomatic standoff underscores the complexity of the relationship between the two nations.

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