New comers stay safe in canada

IRCC shares tips for newcomers to stay safe in Canada against frauds:

In response to the increasing incidents of fraudulent practices in Canada, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has issued a warning to the latest batch of international students. The IRCC took X to inform international students about the prevalent fraudulent activities within the country. The message is clear: ‘Attention: #newcomers – protect yourself from immigration fraud.’

As a newcomer in Canada, it is crucial to be proactive about potential scams that specifically target individuals unfamiliar with the country’s business and governmental processes. It is important to recognise that, as a resident of Canada, you are entitled to rights and protection under Canadian law.

Newcomers are often targeted through various scams, including scammers impersonating government officials. These fraudsters may call and intimidate individuals, claiming they have committed an error and need to pay a fee. Additionally, there have been instances where individuals receive fake emails asking for investments and requesting sensitive bank details.

Moreover, scammers might contact individuals, asserting that their computer is infected with a virus. They offer to remove the virus while secretly extracting passwords and private information from the computer.

IRCC has also emphasised the prevalence of fake prize notifications, cautioning students against falling victim to such schemes. The IRCC consistently advises students to remain aware, urging them not to be moved away by deceptive claims. In light of these challenges, IRCC has provided essential guidelines for international students to follow while residing in Canada. These guidelines serve as a safeguard, helping students protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent activities.

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