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The US granted over 90,000 student visas to Indian students:

In recent news, the United States has set a new record by granting 90,000 student visas to Indian students. Traditionally, the United States has been the preferred choice for Indian students seeking higher education abroad. However, due to recent geopolitical shifts, Canada has emerged as a compelling destination after the United States for Indian students. This shift is attributed to Canada’s attractive immigration policies and renowned educational institutions, making it an appealing destination for many Indian students. Approximately 20% of Indian students now prefer studying in Canada after the United States.

Despite the diplomatic tensions between India and Canada, the latter has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing timely student visas to Indian applicants. This dedication has alleviated concerns and reinforced Canada’s reputation as a study-friendly nation.

Moreover, in the United States, several factors contribute to its status as a leading study abroad destination. Indian students are drawn to the diverse educational opportunities available, ranging from a wide array of programmes to access to cutting-edge research facilities. The possibility of post-study employment opportunities, a significant motivating factor for Indian students, further increases the appeal of American universities. Progressive policies implemented by the US government, such as the Optional Practical Training (OPT) and STEM OPT extension, allow students to work for three years after completing their degrees. These initiatives have played a pivotal role in attracting Indian students to pursue their education in the US.

The Biden administration’s welcoming attitude toward international students has cemented the United States’ position as the best country for higher education. The increasing number of Indian students studying in the US fosters cross-cultural exchanges, promotes diversity, and contributes substantially to the US economy. The strong diplomatic ties between India and the United States also serve as a catalyst, encouraging Indian students to choose American universities for their studies.

Looking ahead, the future of student visas for Indians in both the United States and Canada appears promising. As the academic landscape continues to evolve, it is expected that these countries will witness exciting growth and innovation, enriching the global landscape of international education.

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